Strawberry syrup

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"Red berry" - strawberry mix
380 - 10м 20
Mix because mix ingredients, getting, as a result, the winning color and the taste of purple sauce for ice cream, desserts, pastries with cream cheese... and the basis for alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails.
Cupcake with pomelo
255 - 60м 8
Elegant cupcake with a light, barely perceptible bitterness. Baked in the evening, tried it and was a little disappointed... thought the kids won't eat... but finding in the morning the remains of several recent pieces, I decided to post the recipe, exclusively for fans of light bitterness in sweet dish...
Cocktail "yo-Ho-Ho" without the rum
228 - 10м 2
This lemonade will refresh and regain strength after a day at the beach. Instantly quenches thirst and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.
207 4 - -
Eggnog is literally translated as "egg beer". The basis of this drink are raw eggs and milk. Today my kids somewhere dug up a cooking book with recipes of the drinks and their attention was attracted by the unusual name. What happened next is easy to guess: "MOM, WE WANT to TRY THIS!" Well, mom went on about...
Cocktail "Rising sun"
203 - 20м -
Try this gorgeous, delicious cocktails, stunning with its bright colors, "rising sun" and the amazing coolness of the early morning! For the contest "Burnt by the sun".
Peach-rice smoothie with coconut
163 - 30м 2
Made quite familiar by composition smoothies, new there the presence of rice cereal, which turn the drink into a full-fledged Breakfast.

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