What to cook from Cannelloni more

Canelones in Catalan spinach
0.6k - 60м 4
There is a tradition in the Catalan kitchen to cook Canelones on the second day after major holidays. Evil tongues say that in a elegant way are very economical Catalani use leftover food after holiday feasts. But we will not use unverified rumors, and prepare tasty and healthy dish - Canelones stuffed with spinach, Catalan.
Meatloaf "Amazing"
364 4 80м 6
Roll just melts in your mouth, very flavorful and tender. The combination of the ingredients give this fragrance, which is felt even from the neighbors))) This dish can not only annoy your neighbors, but also to impress loved ones and guests!
Sweet cannelloni for dessert
162 4 65м -
Cannelloni has long been loved by many as climbing. I suggest you try sweet cannelloni! Delicate flavor and a wonderful aroma coming from the oven - what could be better??
Cannelloni with meat sauce
159 - - -
A stuffed pasta.
154 4 40м 4
Large Italian pasta. Original and very tasty!
Cannelloni with meat and mushrooms
148 4 - -
Stuffed pasta tubes with sauce "Bechamel".

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