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Cake "Fruit of joy"
0.7k 4.2 20м -
Tasty and quick, not difficult to cook, even if you're a beginner cook
Cake "Veronica"
476 - 30м 10
Favorite cake of my daughter Veronica. She often asks him to cook, while helping myself. The cake is done easily and simply, because in its preparation used ready-made sponge cakes. Try it, it's delicious!
Cake "puss in boots"
435 - - -
Left the Miller's youngest son inheritance - a cat. Cat wore a pair of red boots and went to fish. One day, as he brought a tray on which lay a delicious cake - crunchy meringue, roasted peanuts, condensed milk and biscuit... Rushed the cat to the Palace of the king, and announced that a feast worthy of kings. Having the recipe, the cake can be easily made at home.
Cake without baking "Barney bear"
298 - - -
Sometimes you want cake, but to bake cakes in no time. Offer to make a cake from ready-made waffle cakes. Delicious and fast!
Cake "Flying mouse"
276 - 60м 8
Did the daughter at 3 years old, represent a version of the design. I did, of course, not a masterpiece, because sorely was no time, but still the idea maybe someone will like it...
Fruit "snacks"
268 4.5 10м -
The flavor combination of your favorite fruit with crunchy wafers. Quick and easy.

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