Nutrition value of Salmon






What to cook from Salmon more

Salad "Gentle."
242 4 30м 6
Long thought, what can you make out of "Salmon", reviewed what little was on the website and decided to experiment. Unusual, quick and very tasty... try it (the fish we eat not so often but need it)
Kefir omelette
194 3 10м 1
"in the Morning the scrambled eggs, day fried eggs, scrambled eggs in the evening, and at night - an omelette. I'm going to cluck like a chicken!" - lamented hero in the kitchen young wife. But if sometimes in the morning, you can.
193 - - -
Another may not the diet dish. Although right look. The soups alone are enough low-calorie meals because of the relatively large amount of water. Just borsch and Solyanka high-calorie, than chicken soup. Especially now I calculated the calories and I came up with 55 Kcal per 100 grams. The dish is usually 200-300 grams of soup. 210-315 Calories not so much. So that at lunch you can afford and let the platter. This is the only soup that eats not show off my beauty. Fun certainly not cheap. But why not treat yourself sometimes. And yet, hodgepodge with potatoes, personally I bag not believe! Potatoes "kills" the taste of the broth. In the soup he may incidentally, but not in the bag! In short, come in!
173 4 - -
Found on the website versions of the beetroot, but somehow not the same. This soup we were fed last summer in Spain on the Mediterranean sea. When poured on the plates, I honestly thought that my children will not be, but what was my surprise when our Esena ate a few supplements, and the next day asked for it. Today for lunch was a Mediterranean beetroot. So delicious that I wanted to share.
Juicy pizza with a thin bottom and a crunchy crust
167 4 120м 10
Pizza with very little dough and lots of juicy toppings
Liver pate in vaccinia
167 - 30м 6
Continue to master your vecinity. Liver pate favorite snack of my family, cook often and in different recipes. It was interesting to cook the pate in vaccinia, has turned soft pate, tasty and in my opinion presentable. The scope for variations is not limited!

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