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What to cook from Drying more

0.5k 4 - -
Not very difficult, good and tasty.
Chicken soup with dumplings from drying
423 - 60м 10
A bit of history. I had two grandmothers. One very tasty cooked, and the second one was cooked rare, BUT the fact that she cooked was very tasty and original during my childhood. So, favorite soup from my childhood from my grandmother...
Drying "Finger"
400 3 12м -
It turns out like a mini sandwich, a mini pizza:)) will especially appreciate the kids (after 3)
393 5 40м 10
Looked at all the recipes on crackers, found similar but not the same. Did the first time you fill your prescription girlfriend. I liked very much. After a couple of days there will be guests, will make more.
Lazy cheesecakes
376 3 - -
She did not expect that so delicious :)
Chicken breast in breadcrumbs from crackers
364 - - 8
The principle of this recipe - quick, easy, delicious. For me, this recipe is a lifesaver when time to prepare dinner, this recipe saves me.

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