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What to cook from Sole more

The sole a couple
185 3 - -
Fish with vegetables in cheese and tomato sauce
172 - - -
Tasty, simple, quick, interesting...
Pancakes "goldfish"
167 - 120м 6
You want something, but what - I do not know, here and decided pancakes with fish to do. Husband loved it
139 - 45м 4
It was very tasty. Try it!
Sole in cream and orange-garlic sauce
134 4 - -
Love nautical language, in any form. Good fish and in soup and stir-fried in batter and stewed with vegetables, in salads - just a generic meat! This option is good with mashed potatoes, very tasty sauce-gravy turns out!
Sole in batter
134 3 15м 4
Inexpensive, fast, one of the variants of battered fish. The feature of the dish is that the sole - the fish is quite fat, so to eat better warm.

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