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What to cook from Wheat more

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The traditional meal was of wheat, with a deep Christian meaning. The recipe is addressing to the believers who follow religious holidays, fasts and traditions. Coliva be sprinkled and eaten on Friday, the first sedmitsy of lent, when honored the memory of the great Martyr Theodore of Tyrone. In Greece Koleva decided to highlight and give and the greatest funeral Saturday and in the days of remembrance of the departed. Despite the simplicity, Koleva incredibly tasty treat! I want to show you how to prepare Koleva in Greece, according to all the traditions. The only negative - the right coliva is preparing not for one day. Let Koleva was ready on Saturday morning, preparations start with Thursday night... stop by if interested!
Christmas sochivo
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Christmas - surprising time when heart is filled with expectation of a miracle... And this miracle occurs!.. Merry Christmas!!!
Garisa or Haris
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"Gar-RIS-s-s-s-a-a - a-a!!!" my whole family as a kind of invisible magic flute runs on the smell to the table without any appeals. This is the dish on my home. Simple to prepare, delicious and very hearty and healthy dish. However, it takes a long time, but requires minimal effort
Pumpkin pancakes with sprouted wheat
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My experiment! I doubted this combination... But it turned out very tasty! Had heard that the burgers from sprouted wheat to taste like meat... Doubt... it Turned out that it really is! And in combination with Queen pumpkin - great, tender and very useful burgers! For the competition "Bright mood".
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Ashure is one of the ancient traditional Turkish desserts, it is very tasty and healthy. This year it is prepared and handed out on November 3. My ashure ready and I want to share with you this recipe. Despite the fact that ashure is a Turkish dish, it has an analogue (IMHO) in our kitchen - kutya )))
"Amen, Hello"- sweet wheat
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Healthy and tasty dessert for the whole family.

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