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What to cook from Brisket more

Semi-smoked sausage "Krakow"
3.7k - - -
Krakow smoked sausage refers to sausages and was very popular in Soviet times.
Theater-baked brisket or podcherevok
2.3k - - -
Them is brisket, podcherevok, bacon baked in the oven or in the oven. Very popular in Western Ukraine, served with scrambled eggs, cold or hot. Feature of them is that this dietary fat, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. In the lard contains digestible by the human body and is very beneficial fatty acids that do not lose their properties even after heat treatment. During the long roasting most of the fat and leaves the meat evaporates, and the output is a tasty and slightly dry diet product. Also, the little fat carbohydrates and protein, which is also useful from a dietary point of view since such a product, even when consumed frequently in small portions allows you to not grow stout, but saturates due to the large calorie.
Pork belly in two packages
2.2k - - -
Recipe from Cook with luba5 very fond of not only my family, but to all my friends.
Braised wild rice from Julia child
1.8k - - -
This is the recipe of the famous American chef Julia child preparing French cuisine. She showed American women that cooking is one of the main pleasures in life, and that any normal person can prepare a real French dinner in his kitchen.
Lasagna Carbonara
1.7k - 1м -
Recipe from Alexander Seleznev, and he knows a lot about climbing. I got almost Carbonara, forgive me, the Italians that had replaced the Parmesan cheese in Dutch, most importantly, the result was delicious.
1.6k - 170м -
Forikol I cooked for the first time. Recipe shared 0503 Nelia, we were grateful. However, I have prepared this dish with beef, the taste is not affected. Forikol (NOK. literally — sheep in cabbage) is one of the most famous Norwegian dishes. Traditional ingredients for his cooking is lamb with the bone, large pieces of cabbage, large, black pepper and a small amount of wheat flour, toadies in the pan for several hours. Garnished dish, usually potatoes, boiled in their skins. This national dish has its own fan club and their day - last Thursday of September is the national Day Trikala. Many Norwegians are fans of Trikala waiting for autumn, the season of cabbage and little lambs - the two main components of this dish.

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