Liver pork

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Salad with liver and pickled onions
2.2k 3.5 60м 4
The salad is very tasty and simple. For those who's liver can not stand. The liver can take any which you like best. I make it usually with pigs. Prepare this salad for many years, but looking at the website not found, so I decided to share with you this delicious recipe. If someone in your family doesn't like liver, this recipe he'll love (the smell of the liver not)!
Buckwheat Suvorov
0.6k - 30м 4
Buckwheat and liver we accompany the whole life from childhood to old age. This is a simple dish to prepare and very useful.
Górka-Transcarpathian sausage
291 - - -
Górka is a sausage that is filled with barley, mixed with cooked very tasty with minced tongue, beef, liver, lungs, heart, pork rinds, onions and seasonings. Usually it's rice, but it may be buckwheat, and corn grits, depending on the region. Traditionally, it is prepared for Christmas, Easter, New year or wedding. She turns a little darker colors, but this does not affect its taste. I slightly changed the recipe to your taste. The next time I want to cook her chicken giblets with beef tongue.
Sarrabulho-beef stew in Portuguese
287 4 40м 4
Did you know that in the Atlantic ocean is the Island of eternal spring. The island with no problems (at least, so say the locals). Yes! This amazing Portuguese island of Madeira, the birthplace of the famous wines. Let's try to make beef stew in Portuguese. And let's not forget, of course, add the wine. Despite the simplicity of the dishes, the taste of it turns bright, full-bodied, slightly spicy. And may we, too, will spring. Spring in the heart.
Salad "Rich"
195 - 60м 4
Not claiming originality, but hearty, tasty salad.
Muffins with pate Three little pigs
180 4 120м 12
... or "the Three bears", someone like that. For the contest "world of animals".

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