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What to cook from Plum more

1.5k 4.1 - -
Tkemali - Georgian condiment, which is served with meat, add in soups. It can be served with sausages, to fish. Very tasty, flavorful and healthy salad!
Fish with stuffing in the dough and garnish the truffles
0.9k 5 150м -
Fish in the test remains juicy and tender. About the mushrooms: in Azerbaijan grow only in one region, ate for the first time, delicious, tender mushrooms.
Petey in Sheki
0.8k 4.3 240м 3
Petey-the national soup. Rich, delicious, aromatic, without problems. There is Piti in Baku, but... tonight isn't about him.
0.8k - 150м 1
In each country, you can taste the national dish, which then fall in love with the first spoon! Petey - Azerbaijan national soup of mutton (brisket) cooked in clay pots in the oven. Petey - the dish is hearty, delicious, insanely flavorful. I suggest You to be in the glorious city of winds - Baku, and to taste national dishes!
Hadia ASHI-soup with cereals
0.7k - - -
Hadia ASHI is the Azerbaijani dish made from different grains. Free translation of this dish - "soup gift". Azerbaijani customs this soup cooks the grandmother of the child who came first tooth=)) and give it to the neighbors so that the teeth cut through easily and without pain=)) Well, of course, this soup can be prepared and just. It is very hearty and healthy=) Well, if you make fries for a soup without oil, it will be a great diet dish
0.7k - 480м 20
A recipe of one of my Board books of Elder hankishieva. This fragrant and very unusual soup - "timeless classics of the East". It is cooked in ceramic pots. My pot was busy "Moonshine". Therefore, cooked in a saucepan.

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