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What to cook from Jam more

German doughnuts "Berlin"
485 - 120м 10
Girls lot of recipes of donuts, but my German. Didn't want to put on the main course, but She persuaded. This is the most popular and favorite muffins in the population of Germany. They are really very airy and delicious. They are called Krapfen ( translated as dumpling). But in our Düsseldorf region they are Berliner. And usually the filling is strawberry jam. I love to buy them sometimes in the store, always thought that will not be able to repeat them, and was so simple! Help yourself!
Cake "Cassiopeia"
310 - - -
Fragrant and tender cake with poppy cream and apricots. Very tasty, very tender!!! A recipe dug from the "ancient" filing of the magazine "Liza". Recommend!!!!!!
French cake "Petit fours"
292 - 180м 48
Hello, dear friends! "Looking forward, we have a holiday, So as a gift to receive, But much nicer to it to give!" It is time-time to attend to the menu for fire-breathing Dragon, to appease our intellectual and gourmet. Dragon finally indifferent to sweets, and maybe on dieke sitting. Therefore, in order not to tear apart, I propose to make a delicious gift - mA-a-a-ahonkaya French brownies – fours. Tiny, one ukasik, but... with pepper!
Portuguese pumpkin cake "Bolo Mimoso"
290 - - -
So today we have Bolo de abóbora ou "bolo mimoso". So long and complicated name of this absolutely delicious pie. I made it to Marishkina prom. I would not say that it pumpkin. He's not from the pumpkin, and the pumpkin. I would call it "Almond orange cake with pumpkin"! However, the recipe is so famous and popular that it was even included in the book "100 best recipes. The masterpieces of cooks of the world". In short, a classic, and hence, nothing can not be changed, including the name. The multicomponent recipe, ingredients in a cake a lot, and cooking I would not call easy, at least it's not fast. In General, pie is not simple, but... you won't regret a single moment of wasted time and effort, as soon as the bite and the first bite! Pie is just fantastic! Air almond paste, soaked with an orange syrup, cinnamon, juicy slices of pumpkin and all this on a crispy shortbread crust! Here's a long preamble, but I can't describe this cake in two words, two words do not say anything and not Express my delight. But, not so devil as he is painted, let's get us!
Pears in meringue with cherry sauce
279 - 90м 2
The basis of preparation of the dessert I took, many of us know, the recipe for "Drunk pear". Slightly modifying and adding to it, I got extremely tasty, tender and low calorie dessert.
Biscuits "Annie"
225 - 30м -
Very tasty, spicy biscuits! A minimum of product and what a wonderful result - even I, eternally beating his hands when eating sweets, without a twinge of conscience in the evening ate 2 pieces!!! And devote I want a biscuit with a wonderful person Annie (kitri). Annie, this is for you!!!

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