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Fried calamari with beer
1.6k - 20м 1
Tired of boiled shrimp dedicated. I suggest to try the calamari with chili pepper. A popular Chinese appetizer. Assembled on one site. Some will have to Tinker, but I think friends will delight and surprise.
0.8k - 30м 4
This spicy vegetarian soup from southern India. Races prepared according to this recipe, is eaten at the end of a hearty Indian meal, as it is believed that it helps to better digest. It is believed that fennel seeds promote better digestion and absorption of food. The soup is eaten hot, sipping his gently, "solids" would not normally eat. This dish is perfect for a light dinner or lunch, to use race as a sauce to boiled rice.
Salad "Rainbow mood"
0.6k 3 7м 2
Wanted fresh to chew on!!!!
Pho - king soup party
0.6k 5 - -
Whether you love, when the family gathers, everyone is not sitting with his nose in his plate, and actively involved in what is happening? I love, so often arrange fondue evenings, receptions, and when the heat - okroshka, cold Sokolniki etc. what if the cool and the cold don't want to? I bow to the Vietnamese - coated idea. Fo - this salad, and the first and second, and entertainment all in one. If you like rich beef broth with sweet spices, additives that everyone puts himself, as well as meat, which is cooked right at the table. Welcome to the soup party!
Salad "Spicy"
0.5k 3 60м 4
continue the series of salads with sea cabbage. here is another creation. Used soy beans, was a very unusual and vkusnogo!!!
Tuna salad from Aaron
467 - 30м 4
Salad saw this on TV, liked it, because without mayonnaise

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