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What to cook from Alcohol more

Triply "Tiramisu"
1.2k - 60м 4
Tiramisu is an Italian dessert. It's so popular that variations on its recipe dozens. Classic Tiramisu consists of: 1. cookie "Savoiardi" as the basis 2. impregnation of coffee (usually espresso), you can add Marsala wine 3. cream based on Mascarpone cheese, beaten raw eggs and sugar. 4. sprinkle them with cocoa powder. At home to repeat exactly this recipe is problematic. Yes, and raw eggs cause issues... I am personally a little afraid of eating them. Therefore, I suggest you do here is such trifle. They are easy to repeat at home. As for the taste - you will tell me, thank you. It is beyond words. It is necessary to try!
463 - - -
I will not tell you what is absinthe, let's just say that I tried to make moonshine and alcohol, and moonshine turned out much better. Absinthe was already drunk, so quickly that managed to capture only one serving.
"Red berry" - strawberry mix
387 - 10м 20
Mix because mix ingredients, getting, as a result, the winning color and the taste of purple sauce for ice cream, desserts, pastries with cream cheese... and the basis for alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails.
300 5 60м 2
Sillabub. Our family has a tradition: when for a special occasion, open a bottle of wine or champagne, be sure to save the cork and write on it the date, place and event. Put the corks in a large glass. And sometimes randomly get some, read what it says ... Remember ... And, if possible, try to repeat the atmosphere of the described events... Today I accidentally pulled out the first tube, which was the beginning of our collection for more than 20 years ago. And written on it... Come and find out! But at the same time we will stop for a delicious and simple dessert.
275 - - -
A delicious dish of Greek cuisine! Lobster with delicious flavorful spaghetti. One of the most expensive dishes on any Greek fish restaurant.
Cake "Turtle in a swimsuit"
262 4 120м 12
Cake is known to all, this cake was gone half the norm products.

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