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What to cook from Goose more

Goose jerky
434 3 - -
It is the national dish of Tatars and Bashkirs. I have here the recipe for sun-dried goose, but without the photos. Uncle bought me a goose and I zavyalili and photographed.
281 4 90м 3
Delicious goose!!!!
Goose wings braised in the oven
183 - 100м 4
Each year my mom gives us a goose. I usually cut up and wings and legs use to extinguish with vegetables. So this year we were presented with a goose, and I, of course, it was extinguished. Very good work!
Goose in white wine
172 4 - -
Delicious goose - the key to any festival.
Roll "Holiday" from the goose
165 - - -
Very tasty loaf, cook it for every meal!!! Help yourselves, crisp loaf will not leave anyone indifferent!!! Lovely both hot and cold!!!
Stew of goose in slow cooker
157 - - -
As you all probably know, we grow geese. So Gus is a frequent guest on our table. I wanted to try the stew from the goose in a slow cooker. It is divinely delicious and very tender... And a minimum of hassle. Now stew a goose - is also a frequent guest on our table...

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