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What to cook from Daikon more

The sushi
0.8k - - -
The sushi is fast food Korean. And I called it fast food because it's simple and straightforward dish that is sold in Korea at every step and it only costs $ 1 for a roll. We saw a similar one for 119 rubles. A little expensive, but still necessary to know the place. So I suggest to do it yourself.
Salad "Orion"
0.8k - 10м 2
Don't know about you, but I sometimes buy salads in cooking. So this salad I bought last week, very much for his not quite normal taste range. Looks very bright, for spring. In addition, very useful.
Salad "Harbin"
441 - 20м -
A simple delicious salad, which we served in all Chinese restaurants.
Zrazy "the Don" with a composite garnish
437 - - -
Very tasty dish, serve as a decoration as a festive and everyday table.
Stuffed nori "Koreanska"
385 - - 6
For fans of "spicy" in a hurry to offer an appetizer that our family called stuffed cabbage. Such "stuffed" you can indulge yourself in everyday life and serve on a festive table. They had a great variety to the menu during Lent and is a wonderful complement menu for vegetarians. Help yourself to health!
Salad "Melody of Tashkent,"
377 - - -
I love salads with radish and one of the most beloved salad "Poprad". Something added, changed and had a wonderful salad with a refreshing taste and rich and easy. Try?

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