Syrup vanilla

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Cocktail "Pumpkin"
165 - 30м 1
In the garden the stems spread, pumpkin yellow was bored. She longed to make friends. For the contest "Burnt by the sun"
Cup "Summer breeze"
158 - 15м 5
From Wikipedia: Cup " (FR. cruchon — jar) — cold drink consisting of a mixture of wine, liqueur or syrup, and different fruit juices or whole fruits; with the addition of champagne, cider, mineral water and other carbonated beverages. Champagne cocktail served chilled to 8-10 °C, in the classic form in crystal glasses (so-called "krusnica"). Cup something similar to punch".
Cocktail "Iron health"
150 - 20м 2
On the way to the emerald city the tin Woodman was caught in the rain and pretty corroded... for the contest "Burnt by the sun"
Cupcakes "Broken glass"
147 - 60м 16
Broken glass cupcakes. Simple to prepare, but very effective supply of cupcakes. Surprise your guests on Halloween.
Cake "Hotshot"
145 - 45м 16
Cake is prepared on the basis of the well-known cake, but much easier and faster. I cook it once a year for the New year, December 30 in the evening, then put on the balcony, get the 31 day and night to keep the tea at room temperature so that it better soaked!
Cake "Christmas wreath"
130 - 180м 12
Dear cooks! I sincerely want to congratulate you with New year and merry Christmas! And as a gift I want to offer you a cake with charming spice notes and rich cherry-creamy taste. The winter tea party with friends and family! This is my first recipe on the website, exactly like the first experience of manufacture of mastics and work with it. Of course not everything was perfect, but as said the character of one well-known film, "I'm not a magician, I'm just learning"...

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