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What to cook from Toffee more

Cake "Meteor - 3 "
458 - - -
Another author's recipe of the delicious cake.
Currant cake with "hrustenko"
298 - - -
Melting in your mouth cake with soft sponge cake, soufflés from Cassis and the unexpected "perustuvaa" a layer of toffee and puffed rice adds a special flavor sweet sour dessert. You should try it!
Custard "Taffy"
239 - 10м -
This delicate custard with vanilla flavor and creamy flavor of butterscotch is perfect for cakes, rolls and pastries.
Oatmeal "Kitty"
226 - - -
Healthy and nutritious cereal with the taste of your favorite childhood taffy "Kitty". Fast, simple, but very tasty!!!
Milkshake "Caramel"
206 4 - 2
For lovers of milk and dairy drinks. A delicate cocktail with a rich caramel flavor - great for kids and adults.
Dessert "Paradise"
204 4 60м 3

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