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What to cook from Straws more

Salad "Pinocchio"
469 4 30м -
Now it is difficult to force children to eat vegetables, but this salad they ate with pleasure.
Cakes "Chicken legs"
313 3 50м 4
Delicious eateries the meat pies. Interesting shape allows this beauty to submit to the festive table.
Cake "Bus"
304 4 - -
Cake this, of course, a joke. The father-in-law had a Birthday, and it is associated directly with the buses, so we decided on him a little bit...
Cake "Cartoon school in the village"
294 4 - -
Not on your Nelly not want to offend the village school. Because my school – cartoon; -) Where the Mama pig gave his pig, and mother hen – chickens. The competition "School time".
Biscuits "Spiders"
282 3 - -
After having reflected, Egor decided to post for the contest "Silver Line to the delight of children" here are the cookies! Help yourself!!!
Making salad dressing "Well"
282 - - -
So you can draw any salad with seafood. Very quick, not a masterpiece, but quite nice.

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