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Roast pork alentejana
380 5 60м 4
Carne de spanking and Alentejana (Carne de porco a Alentejana). One of the most famous dishes of the province of Alentejo, Portugal. Very interesting combination of pork, clams and pasta from sweet peppers (paprika). Pasta pepper here is sold in all stores, it in Portugalii used for many dishes, but, thanks to the scullion from our site Nadia, I made it myself. Only replacing bitter pepper red sweet Bulgarian. Nadia, thank you so much!
Parfait scallops
357 5 600м 10
Parfait sea scallops with Gulf fish and seafood, carpaccio of tiger prawns with mint sorbet, accompanied by mint sauce and clams. A complicated dish. Worked hard, not for Amateurs.
Pacific soup with seafood and tuna
289 - - -
Dear cooks, today I want to invite you to a tasting of an absolutely amazing soup. Of course, you can say that, if you believe my words, all my soups - "extraordinary". This is not so. But with this soup it's an interesting story. I love shrimp, relate well to the squid, once even ventured to try the oyster and survived. What I could never bring myself to swallow is the mussels. Well, no way! Until that day, when she cooked this soup. This is something completely unimaginable, I just couldn't put it down. I didn't even notice as it ate all the mussels that were in my plate. And the husband demanded a repeat two days later, after the soup is over! Going to cook on the weekend "Bis"!
Clam chowder "Manhattan"-Manhattan clam chowder
166 - - -
This soup is cooked in one of my favorite restaurants in new York, "Red Lobster". This is a light, summer soup. Very tasty and flavorful.
White clams with lemon - ameijoas
161 4 15м 4
I only recently started to try the seafood - it's not had the courage. And now, once tasted, decided to cook itself and you have to offer. Very interesting and exquisite taste, my family loved it. Do not scold me greatly, if they have not sold or expensive, we have mussels readily available, and cook them every day.
Paella "Marisco"
142 - 50м 6
The most popular paella in Spain is paella with seafood (paella de mariscos). In the best restaurants it is cooked with broth made from fresh fish and small shrimp and langoustine, which was still moving when he was laying on the counter (morning catch). The rice absorbs all the flavors of the seafood and has a bright full-bodied taste. If you have no opportunity to buy fresh seafood, paella can be cooked from frozen. In addition, the paella can be cooked with many other ingredients, including chicken and pork. At the end of the recipe you will find a link to an article that describes in detail the history of paella and the method of its preparation.

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