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What to cook from Cracker more

Cake "Lily"
0.6k 4.5 - -
Through a search of the cake with this title is not found, a composition to view all the cakes is very difficult. So don't blame me if this recipe is. I'm such a recipe was found for the first time. I got a girl named Lily. My question is, not whether the honor of her name, she replied that to her it already came with that name. A very delicious cake. Especially lovers of coconut (shavings) and Mac. For the design I apologize in advance, I haven't learned how to make beauty out of marshmallow. But those who know how, can make such a cake and portray it beautiful lilies. Then it will be not only delicious, but also very beautiful cake. And while offering to believe in the word. Very tasty!
Cake "Emerald"
271 4 - -
Cool easy cake.
Cutlets "Cook-Hand"
189 5 40м -
Another kotletnaya fantasy chop with the corn in the cracker breading. Very interesting and tasty, especially like children.
Christmas crackers with fish paste
183 - - -
Small portioned crab cakes on a crispy cracker! With this snack you can experiment endlessly, only to show imagination and opening the fridge! The only important condition is that the crackers should be "tooth" in diameter not more than 4-5 cm! I suggest you a very simple, creamy and delicious filling with sardines, decorated in winter style!
Light salad with cracker
182 3 20м -
The salad is just a delight. Very tasty and satisfying. Fresh and fragrant. The most favorite of my wife and our guests. The salad is very long been found on the site of good-cook.
"The wheel"
179 3 - -
Cake and quick cooking. In this regard, in advance must apologise for the not very neat design, just in a hurry)))

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