What to cook from Pelengas more

Pelengas stuffed with bulgur
400 - 60м 4
I offer you the recipe of the so-iny mullet baked in the oven with bulgur
Pelengas in pots
250 4 40м 2
Found the recipe online and decided to share))). Cooking is not difficult, and it turns out very tasty!
Soup of fish
191 - 90м -
A great dish for cooking outdoors in a cauldron on the fire, but it can also be cooked at home. And the residue (if anything) can be done to make a great jelly.
Stuffed pelengas
188 - - -
It was very tasty. Try it and you!
Smoked pelengas
163 4 - -
Many people like smoked fish. But not everyone likes to buy store-bought vacuum-Packed. Much better if You will buy fresh or frozen fish, and cook it yourself.
Pelengas cooked on the grill
162 - 30м 2
Love pelengas for the delicate and juicy taste. There is almost no bones, perfect for baking on coals. It is well served with vegetables and salads from vegetables. I really hope that pelengas baked on the coals, will be of your liking.

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