Sweet white wine

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Cake "kiss"
324 - - -
I recommend to make this delicious cake, it will be lovely in the summer heat, it's almost ice-cream cake, but not quite... Two of cream - creamy berries and cream and chocolate are mixed into the kiss with a gentle kiss... how is it divinely delicious!!! The meringue for this recipe turns out not cloying, well, if You don't want to bake the meringue, take the purchase.
Fish-the tangerine or "How then?"
317 4 120м -
Gentle taste and very easy to prepare fish with an unusual tangerine aroma will decorate your table! Thanks to this fish-the tangerine I got married! Want to know how it was? In 1989 (20 years ago) I lived in a hostel. Guy to my girlfriend Marina very quickly (1 day) was taken to the army. In the morning, went to the military enlistment office - and the right agenda. Commissar cunning, the collect appointed for 5 am the next day! Urgently convened the Council. Money we had little, the meat of the question does not even discussed, and then I offered to fry fish... something Else is still there! Only lasted for Pollock. I fried it on the kitchenette, and sitting on the windowsill Antoinette (Tonya) and eating Mandarin. The smell, that's our fish! Well, I begged her skin... seeing (by the table!)ran the whole floor. And wow, suddenly came brother Marina. Such a hot macho, high in-shape, handsome, blond hair and blue eyes. If to say that he liked me, then not say anything. I fell in love immediately!.. And what happened next, will read at the end of the recipe!
Salad of squid, mussels and bell peppers
302 - - -
Bright, beautiful, very tasty salad for seafood lovers.
/ Sugar
261 3 20м 2
/ Sugar - a light, airy dessert of Italian origin. So says the dictionary, I would say the / sugar to drinks, but rather, cocktails. I invite you to taste!
Puree in a creamy cheese sauce
244 - - -
From the hearts of turkeys, you can cook many tasty and delicious dishes. They are boiled, stewed, baked in the oven and on the grill, fried. From the hearts of turkeys make the kebabs, chops and burgers. They can stew in sour cream, cream, baked milk, as well as with garlic, onions and carrots. Garnish to such dishes can be cereal, beans, pasta, mushrooms, potatoes. Boiled hearts are suitable for preparation of various salads and appetizers. In addition, they make a great filling for pies and pancakes. From the hearts together with the liver and gizzards of a Turkey, you can cook a delicious soup. Today I decided to cook the puree in a creamy cheese sauce. Go!
Chocolate-pear pie
240 - 75м 8
That is ONE OF the Italian chocolate cake with pears - Torta di Pere e Cioccolato! Options these pies a lot... this pie pear "hiding" in the chocolate dough and from it, their taste seems to be even more intense! I want to offer you the recipe for this pie, as it received the full endorsement of my relatives and relatives! And while pears are still in abundance, I propose to treat yourself and your family a delicious dessert... a Cup of evening tea or morning coffee!

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