Walnut oil

What to cook from Walnut oil more

Lemon fish with nut-bread strasheim
263 - - -
Delicate white fish, crispy streusel.....
Bean salad and pickled cucumbers
255 - - -
Very tasty salad. Simply and quickly prepared, hearty and perfect for a meatless meal.
Beet salad "Glamour à La Russe"
169 3 - 2
It seems incongruous - beet and glamour, right? We are accustomed to, if beets, garlic, mayonnaise, best with walnuts and prunes... Delicious, and our... I've never shied away from - ate, just always confused her a little bit "down to earth" image and taste some simple. Well, the soup there with her zavarganit "coat" to provide - such as that she was born... we have Flashed on the website are very decent recipes with a nice beet, huh, I decided to tempt lettuce...
Carrot-ginger muffins with raisins and pecans
161 - 50м 12
These muffins are quick and easy! They are very tasty and useful. And most importantly, will serve as a great spring decoration for your table=)
Caramel biscuits with hazelnut praline
146 - 40м -
Recently read in the magazine amazing recipe for shortbread with hazelnut praline. In General, here are 3 recipes that you can combine with other products: this shortbread dough, hazelnut paste, praline and caramel sauce.
Carpaccio goat cheese with pear
143 - 40м 4
Carpaccio - a dish created in Venice in the 1950s, the Author carpaccio became a famous chef and restaurateur Giuseppe Cipriani, owner of religious institutions "Harry's Bar". I propose an interesting variant of carpaccio, in which all the ingredients are delicious alone, or served along. Moreover, in the combination, each of them fills other flavor and special touch. Like in music where every note is important individually, but combinations are created masterpieces. The original recipe is from the gold collection of recipes "Book of the deli".

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