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Ear opicana
249 - 40м 4
Opicana ear - old Russian recipe. "Opicana" from the word "apaci" - bake. Meant baking in the Russian oven or the oven. We're going to cook this soup in a Zepter cookware, which has to all its other merits, the effect of the Russian stove. Zepter cookware at slow cooling, smooth enveloping warmth inside the pot allows you to cook food in the mode of longing. Dishes cooked in Zepter cookware, useful and dietary, contain no carcinogens, they still have the maximum vitamins after heat treatment.
223 5 40м 15
Another option puffs. Simply and quickly when expecting guests, and reluctance to cook!
Sea bass in Polish
180 3 20м 1
This sauce is known to many, it makes a very tasty any fish!
147 4.5 15м 2
A delicious fish dish.
Sea bass in Arabic
147 - 30м 3
Offer to cook in the slow cooker (I used the model VITEK VT-4214) fragrant and juicy dish. The bright colors and rich, full-bodied taste will not leave you indifferent!
Fish with lemon and ginger
126 - 40м 4
Fish with lemon and ginger.

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