Soda slaked vinegar

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Cake "Stephania"
1k - 180м 20
The origin of the name of the cake is unknown to me. And here is a recipe I took from the wonderful Natasha Ugrinovich. Was looking for a cake for DR husband. Stopped at this. And have not regretted. Soft, moderately sweet. Liked everything - both adults and children. Join us!
Jewish strudel
0.6k 3 40м 1
This recipe strudel my mom gave it to Kuma, I really liked the taste, even from childhood. Like, this recipe is not met, sorry if this is not exactly plagiarism ))).
Biscuits "Pads"
0.6k 3 30м -
This recipe is for the sweet tooth. Perfect for a Cup of tea.
Honey "Sponge"
0.5k - 60м 12
Have you tried the honey sponge? No? Then you here! The cake fairy is instantly soft and porous like sponge cakes and delicious cream. Of honey on the site a lot, but this is not met,
Onion pie recipe Olga Matthew
0.5k - 40м -
Good day)) so I saw a recipe on one amazing channel, and so I wanted to try this recipe. Now, I will share with you this recipe) My family was ecstatic, the kids that onions of any kind do not eat, was eating for both cheeks))
Cake "lock Count" or "the ruins of the Earl"
0.5k - - -
One of the most popular cakes in our family. The result is worth the effort, and being prepared is a snap. Surprise your friends and family a delicious "lock Count" from the biscuit and meringue with cream and protein creams. Of course, there are many variants of this cake, but still venture. The recipe was taken from the magazine "Recipes for an encore", the author Galina Indjukova. For which she thanks a lot!

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