What to cook from Fructose more

Diabetic strawberry jam
331 4 15м 1
Sometimes (well, almost always) like sweet varingica, and sugar, alas, is impossible, for myself found out, I want to share with you, maybe someone come in handy! Of course, now is not the season, but soon... soon... go to your favorite cottage, and there, staring, and the time of berries... Jam perfectly stored in the refrigerator, take out... and the aroma of summer.
Pears in meringue with cherry sauce
285 - 90м 2
The basis of preparation of the dessert I took, many of us know, the recipe for "Drunk pear". Slightly modifying and adding to it, I got extremely tasty, tender and low calorie dessert.
Cheesecake with cocoa
238 - - -
We all know how useful the cheese, but however not all like to eat it in its pure form, but before the cheesecakes and casseroles few can resist.
Tomato soup with lentils
229 - 50м -
Low calorie and hearty soup. 100 gr 41 kcal (my rough estimation). If you count calories, you count your prepared dish. The cooking time is given without taking into account the soaking of the lentils.
Homemade Cointreau, the orange liqueur recipe
192 - - -
My experiment for the preparation of liqueur Cointreau at home. In the end I got a citrus liqueur with a soft flavor and rich taste of citrus (orange+grapefruit)
161 3 20м 11
Recipes for Apple pies thousands, but I love to experiment and lower the calorie content of various dishes, so I decided to publish this recipe: instead of regular flour - buckwheat and oat flakes instead of sugar - fructose and honey. Turns out this buckwheat cake with apples, ideal for a healthy diet, calories 110 kcal/100 g.

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