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What to cook from Seeds more

1.3k 5 20м -
Gabetta is quite bland in taste, but it does not spoil its taste, very good for morning Breakfast. Crispy crust, tender crumb. Not long further ADO, you can spread butter with cheese or flavored, your favorite fruit jam. And it is possible to eat with the first or second dishes as bread. Recipe taken from the Internet.
Is eaten this way
0.7k - - -
Don't know what to call it. It's the seasoning, and a separate dish. Everyone will be able to cook and be creative. No particular proportions, you can cook to your liking. Here is the approximate proportion of.
Salad "2 minutes"
0.6k - 5м 2
Why two? Yes, so many need to be cut. Fresh, basic and extremely healthy salad for your dinner's ready!
Cake with white chocolate and nuts
386 - 70м 8
24 th my girlfriend in the Ukraine birthday. She loves baking all sorts of Goodies, so I bought her a gift book. Well, a boy drops a book with recipes, anything from it is not preparing? So I could not resist and, of course, prepared. It turned out very delicious cake. A variation of the classic recipe in which nuts and chocolate stacked into a thick, syrupy filling. (Description from the book.)
Cold soup "Spring breeze"
323 - - -
Light delicate soup, with the smell of freshness of spring, tender greens and herbs. An excellent replacement for hot soups in the summer. And a wonderful main dish for a spring discharge.
The sourdough bread
284 4.5 - -
I want to offer one more recipe bread. He may not be for beginners, although... we all once something started. So...

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