What to cook from Fenugreek more

Bread with fenugreek
0.8k - 245м 10
Offer to replenish the assortment of bread and to make bread with fenugreek, it is not only wonderful, brilliant flavor and a unique aroma and of course the fenugreek makes bread not only more tasty, but also useful.
Bruschetta with cod liver
254 - 25м 2
Bruschetta (Italian. bruschetta or less bruschetto from bruscare to roast over coals (in Romanesque dialect)) — traditional Central Italian vernacular dish (which has analogs in other regions), in our time — appetizer-antipasto before the main meals dishes to "raise the appetite". A distinctive feature of bruschetta sandwich or toast the slices of bread pre-dry before roasting (grill, the grill or in a frying pan without oil). Ideal for cooking bruschetta ciabatta suitable (Wikipedia). In the vast territories of our Motherland Italian recipes find a new life and freedom. So we experimented, experimented and was born a number of new recipes, Brockett. And since today's topic - pickles "6 acres," we still have something to show and tell!!!
Speckled salt "Sarena"
163 - 10м -
Sharena salt (or variegated, multi-colored salt) is one of the most popular seasonings in Bulgaria. The one who was in this country, probably brought gift jars lined with colorful layers of spices. Unfortunately, I'm in Bulgaria was not shareno salt was only seen in the picture, but after reading the articles, decided in whatever was to make this salad. Forgive me, connoisseurs of Bulgarian spices, if that is not so.
Garam masala in Pakistan
147 - 10м 15
Garam masala – aromatic and rich blend of spices used in the cooking of many dishes of Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Despite its name (which means hot mixture), this masala is not very spicy, unlike the other mixtures used in Indian cooking, in its composition there is no chili powder. Often use garam masala at the end of cooking after the dish is ready and removed from heat, it is sprinkled with the garam masala and allow to stand, covered for another 5 minutes to develop the full aroma of the spices. This is my favorite version of the recipe of garam masala, common in Pakistan, in General, almost every housewife has its own secrets in the preparation of this mixture of spices, this version was taught to me by mother in law, hope you like it.
Pork-roulade of flank steak in a slow cooker
141 - 190м -
Hi! I know that recipes for ham and pork on the site a lot, but I decided to post another one. First tried new-to-me spice - fenugreek, I love it, the pork turned out just great. So the recipe spread only because of the composition of spices.
Solyanka Abkhazian
141 - 120м 6
Solyanka Abkhazian is the dish tried that, You will forget about soup from a sausage, which is served at Russian cafe. Solyanka is a soup and a second dish that you can serve the garnish, IMHO. Spicy, fragrant, rich dish of meat, but rather just the meat)). I cooked it according to the recipe of aunt Wali of Gechripsh, which trained us in the dining room throughout our stay in Abkhazia in 2014.

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