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What to cook from Game more

Woodcock roasted
3.3k 5 - -
In anticipation of the spring hunting season want to offer your recipe a wood Sandpiper.
Pheasant on the grill
2.2k - 20м 4
The meat of wild birds are very juicy on the palate, but it has its admirers. Offer you a recipe of pheasant on the grill. Thus it is possible to prepare any game.
Chops of the wood-grouse
1.3k - 60м 5
Chops breast of grouse, a real delicacy! They poluchayutsya so delicious that even I can't understand this game.
Meat in beer
0.8k 4 - -
Honestly, the meat in the beer I didn't cook ever. Moreover, recipes, I have not seen, and perhaps met, but passed. Did the chicken in aerogrill on the beer, that is Leela in the bottom of the flask beer, but the chicken was on the grill. Recently decided to treat father-in-law freshly caught hare. I've figured out how to cook it, to which he shrugged and said that he has his own way of cooking meat: "Beer". Well, I guess I am not the boss. And the most stuck in my mind and scraped, it's like I'm this way don't know? It is not good. Father-in-law I did not call, I decided to improvise.
Pheasant in French
0.7k - 120м 6
My husband is a hunter. Now we have hunting season for pheasant, my husband has already brought in a few pieces. I decided to look for interesting recipes. So, it turns out, there's a pheasant in French. I offer you this recipe. So you can cook, of course, and chicken.
Salad "Lucien"
0.7k - 120м 10
"Dear Lucien Olivier! Not for personal gain, but for the purposes culinary research and restore at least approximate the taste of Your signature dishes, salad "Olivier", created for the restaurant "Hermitage", I'm conducting this experiment. Sorry, that was not the end of the 19th century, wonderful "cook", where You could immortalize your consummate recipe. Not carried then to the grave the secrets of salad and secret ingredients, over which more than a hundred years scratching their heads the best restaurateurs! Forgive my freedom, what I read, what found that, according to tradition, added a... a... "

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