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What to cook from Bones more

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I downright beckon books on cuisines from different countries, they did ask to me to make the journey with them. This time I opened the book my grandmother. She had a part of his life to live in Tajikistan, where she brought the experience of their national cuisine. Dishes in Tajikistan are characterized in that they are rather simple, homemade, quite hearty and inexpensive ingredients. I know that the quality of the meat is mainly used lamb and our lamb is too expensive to become a regular guest on the table... I picked the recipe with beef is Husan - dumplings baked with meat sauce. According to the technique of the dish is quite complex and loaded - consists of 3 processes is the preparation of the dough, cooking of the meat and meat sauce. In addition, require a pre-prepared chickpeas. But... when everything was ready and the dumplings were fragrant in the dish - all were delighted. My husband said that a very unusual dish. Juicy filling, meat sauce, which soaked into the dough, the aroma of spicy spices! very hearty and delicious dish that will open new dimensions because you can experiment with the sauce, spices and toppings, and maybe even get ready and dumplings!
Naval borsch
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In my life I tried different variations of borscht, but as cook and eat for the first time. This recipe is treated more reverently, as the soup - dish responsible and all that is connected with fleet - is sacred to me.
Soup with cheese dumplings
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Husband was given an unexpected request: "make some soup with dumplings". I didn't want to make them from simple "dumpling" dough. Came up with this option.
Soup sweet and sour with beef bones and beans
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Sweet and sour soup taught me to cook by my grandmother. As Jewish cuisine is characterized by its sweetness, its soup I always liked. So I decided to share the recipe with you...
Lamb soup
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If you cook the soup exactly according to the recipe of Uzbek cuisine, the beginning of fried fat, meat, onions, tomatoes. Then filled with water, add potatoes and cooked before the final cooking. I cook a little differently.
Almost Soup
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Soup of the day)))

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