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Salad "Camping"
291 5 - -
Spicy salad perfect as an appetizer for the holiday table and for any occasion.
237 3 20м -
I made friends with dinner in the Arabian-Caucasian style. Here is one of the components of my Desk. My favorite Arabic salad. I love how Arabs make a salad dressing, good appetite raises, light summer salad, with spicy taste, juicy and tasty :)
Soup with coconut milk with shrimp
210 - - -
This savory soup is put up for the Pillsbury Halynka. Very much she wanted to try the soup with coconut milk. Oh, and for anyone who loves the exotic
Mini pizza
153 4 90м -
Delicious, homemade mini pizzas quick to prepare: the dough is 1 hour)
Chicken with rice in Cuban
135 4 50м 6
Pollo con Arroz. This was my FIRST family life mastered dish. Before marriage, I knew how to cook only scrambled eggs! And though it took many years, and no one now can complain about my cooking, chicken in Cuban remains a favorite dish in my family. Maybe you'll like it?
Potatoes under creamy cheese sauce
134 4 30м 4
Yum :) this is delicious... Especially for fans.

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