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Cake "Lily"
0.7k 4.5 - -
Through a search of the cake with this title is not found, a composition to view all the cakes is very difficult. So don't blame me if this recipe is. I'm such a recipe was found for the first time. I got a girl named Lily. My question is, not whether the honor of her name, she replied that to her it already came with that name. A very delicious cake. Especially lovers of coconut (shavings) and Mac. For the design I apologize in advance, I haven't learned how to make beauty out of marshmallow. But those who know how, can make such a cake and portray it beautiful lilies. Then it will be not only delicious, but also very beautiful cake. And while offering to believe in the word. Very tasty!
Gingerbread house
213 3 50м -
Celebratory cake. Suitable for a Christmas buffet and children's birthday party.
Chocolate cake "Mega-chocolate"
209 - 90м 4
The site has recipes for chocolate cakes, but they are all different and unique in their own way. So I want to offer you a recipe mega chocolate cake! The dough is put on a chocolate milkshake in the dough adds a large amount of cocoa, and as a Supplement are the pieces of dark chocolate and chocolate dragee in the glaze. The taste of the cake turns out rich chocolate, with hints of bitter chocolate. If you are lovers of dark chocolate, replace it with milk, and reduce the amount of cocoa in half, replacing part of the flour.
Gingerbread houses
169 5 10м 3
Very unusual and delicious gift not only for children but also for adults! Of course, the time it will take the car, but it's worth it!
Mini-cakes "Rainbow"
154 5 - -
Very beautiful and festive cupcakes. As a test can use any other cookie dough. The main thing - the filling and frosting.
Cupcake "Favorite"
154 3 60м 13
The recipe is pretty simple cupcake came to mind randomly when I had to put sour milk. It was very tasty! Do not regret it!

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