What to cook from Calvados more

Chocolate Muscovy cake from Adriano Zumbo
301 - 360м 16
Then, finally, ended our festival, and then, finally, I came to the works of Australian pastry chef Adriano Zumbo. Information taken from the website of Nina Nixie, because more in the Russian language Internet information about this cake was nowhere to be found. And Nina thank you so much for Russification of these masterpieces! About the taste of this cake too, especially I will not say, simply quote: "Dessert is unusual and original, tender and very tasty. The cake consists of a soft, almost airy mousse without gelatin, sweet Apple layer and thick layer of salted caramel. This caramel and apples combined with a rich chocolate taste, a delicate sponge cake and crunchy base sand spicy cake, have an amazing ability to capture your attention so much that you lose track of time while you enjoy every bite"... no More running! Meet Muscovy Chocolate cake!
"Apple mini-pies"
155 5 50м 6
Airy pies with apples, Calvados dressing. It tastes like a cupcake
Crostada with apples
148 - - 4
Another French recipe. Today we'll take a trip to the South-West of France, where Apple croustade (croustade) is very popular. They are sold in every bakery. Gentle Apple filling and the finest dough - maximum pleasure!
Pork Normandy
142 4 60м 4
... Normandy region of France, famous for its dairy products, apples, cider and Calvados ( Yes, the same one who is so loved by the Musketeers in the famous novel by Dumas ). I offer a traditional French recipe that has brought together all of the above products. Please try it, it's so delicious...
Cake - pie "Apple dream"
138 - 180м 12
What a miracle these small, intimate German cafe... On occasion, but more often without, I love to look back, where you can buy my favorite pastries - delicate Apple pie, which was and still is my favorite Apple desserts. Juicy apples with a slight heady aroma of Calvados and cinnamon, thin crispy dough is pure bliss for all fans of apples. Rather, begin?
The chicken liver pate for a couple
128 - 270м 6
Not so often we prepare for a couple of something interesting and unusual. Increasingly, vegetables, chicken and fish. For me was the discovery that it is possible to prepare and wonderful recipe!

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