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Sweet from milk powder "Khare pen"
390 - 10м -
Amazingly delicious candy! Tender, melt in your mouth. Simple and affordable products, amazing ease of cooking - even a child will cope. The famous Indian sweet, its the easiest option. Recipe from the book "Favorite dishes of Indian vegetarian cooking" a little processed for my taste.
Quail (chickens) with sauce rose
278 5 60м 4
Another recipe from the love collection (collection Aphrodite), as I promised the fans of the chestnut trees. Roast the bird with a flavorful sauce. Chestnuts in the recipe you can substitute potatoes. Only mashed potatoes to make thinner than usual. Recipe taken from the book by Mexican writer Laura Esquivel "Like water for chocolate"
Flan "parade Shoes"
271 - - -
Dare to offer to Great holiday here such a "parade Shoes". Will have to try, but surprise guests always want. And such form the filing of an open braided pie flavoured cottage cheese-Apple filling will obviously make an impression! Rather, help yourself from the heart!!!
Chocolate cake "Mumu" with curd cream
258 - 80м 8
How many chocolate cakes are simply divine!!! I want to offer less caloric, but no less delicious and useful! We will cook in the slow cooker.
Dessert crepes with cottage cheese filling
254 - - -
Dessert crepes with cottage cheese filling, very simple, beautiful and delicious dessert. Thin pancakes and lots of toppings. Help yourself!
Buns "Christmas Trees" with marshmallows
211 - - -
The open buns in the shape of Christmas trees. New year's feast we have, however!!! Stuff according to your taste, I've been wanting to dump the marshmallows, and I did. I suggest you to occasion to cook such a fun decoration for a dessert! These Christmas trees you CAN HIDE LITTLE get lucky fortunes or quotes!!!

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