Chicken stomachs

What to cook from Chicken stomachs more

Salad "Dwarf"
235 3 - -
My impromptu.
Salad of chicken gizzards with nuts
219 4 - -
Delicious spicy salad.
Soup "Cossack Breakfast"
186 - 60м -
This soup I first tasted at my aunt's, in a Cossack village on the don. Traditionally it is cooked on the second day of the wedding, when there are a lot of giblets from chickens, which are cut and prepared for the wedding feast. And served it for Breakfast. Due to lack of giblets, you can take any parts of chicken.
Fantasy on the theme of chicken gizzards
170 5 40м 4
Eggplant, carrots, onions and "navel" in General " I was blinded him from what happened."
Buckwheat porridge with marine notes "Porridge with a faint marine note"
169 4 30м -
Yes, what to write... wanted to eat))))))) yesterday could not neither dinner, nor lunch... woke up in the morning and run to the store to figure for two... and still successfully)))))
Soup with chicken stomachs and lentils
163 - - -
Want to offer you an amazingly delicious and fragrant soup with chicken stomachs. With bright, rich taste and pronounced notes of Oriental spices. Spicy, thick, moderately spicy -this soup will warm you in any weather. Help yourself!

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