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What to cook from Nutmeg more

1.2k 3 90м 10
The Bibik or bebinka, the traditional layered dessert of Goa, Damao and DIU. Pearl Goan-Portuguese cuisine. According to tradition, should consist of 16 layers, but in Portugal, in a Goan restaurants are usually found only from 7. Baked in specially designed ovens supply heat from the top. Served in the restaurants in a warm or hot with a scoop of ice cream. This recipe was found and prepared by me at the request of our respected Olenka Bugenvilia.
Potato souffle
0.9k 5 30м -
Another recipe of potato gratin, but in Arabic.
Macaroni-meat "cake" with salami
0.8k 4 100м -
It is unusual, original dish. When tired of pasta or just a pasta - that's it.
Vegetable casserole with spinach
0.8k 4 80м 4
Per serving: 296 calories. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Language, language stuffed with mousse
0.7k 4 60м 6
This dish is not very time consuming, but your guests will absolutely love. Such language can and your to swallow. Try it and you will understand what it means tenderness.
Stuffed chicken "Sweet thing"
0.7k 5 - -
Of course, each family and each family has their favorite version of stuffed chicken. And we are no exception, BUT I love to find and try new options. This option loved it and has firmly taken its rightful place on our table. The thing is that the stuffing in the chicken sweet... Surprised and do not believe that it is delicious?? Come and you will understand why!!!

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