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Pate quinoa
263 - 20м 4
Very easy, tasty and relatively cheap snack. Do that often for guests - always goes off the table instantly. Quickly prepared and quickly eaten. Fishing recipes invite.
Rolls of yaki-Maki
186 - - -
Sometimes we love to enjoy Japanese cuisine. And, at times, pamper yourself rolls. Yaki-Maki - a kind of rolls that need to be baked.
Caviar sauce with cucumber
143 - - -
Preparing this sauce with any kind of eggs very quickly, and submit it to the pancakes.
Eggs stuffed with beetroot mousse
139 - - -
I probably won't be mistaken if I say that the deviled eggs - world appetizer!!! On any table it's popular. And high techniques served quail eggs with caviar and a modest table the most ordinary Russian family we will meet deviled eggs - canned fish, ham, cheese, herring... and many more than. As they say on what the imagination will suffice. My fantasy today suggested this option. "Funny" bright snack of protein stuffed with beetroot and herring caviar mousse. And why are they green??? Look - the answer is in the recipe!!
Snack "Frigate"
129 4 30м -
I saw on TV in a program about diet and weight loss, and loved the recipe. Because, really, not something that can only eat, but very original and tasty!
Casserole with eggs in Greek
122 4 40м 6
I had a jar of caviar (Pollock), and she ugly I thought (randomly freeze), and I decided the recipe to find how best spawn to use. I found the recipe in the Chapter "Greek seafood" in the vast Ineta.

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