The dough is flaky yeast

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Small eateries patties with cheese
0.7k - - -
I thought for a long time, as quickly as possible to stick eateries pies for a big company. I wanted to make them one tooth and spend a minimum of time. To help I got the form for dumplings. It turned out quick and delicious! Flew for 15 minutes, to the holiday table did not survive. Come on, who cares!!!
Croissants in Paris
327 - 30м 10
This pastry is very loved in our family. On the website many recipes for croissants, but the charm and unique taste and aroma filling my croissants!!! Banana and chocolate aroma and taste crazy, and croissant are eaten before cooled. And another big plus - quick and easy!!!
Baskets "Bliss"
272 5 - -
Puff pastry with a delicate Fig jam and fruit.
Puff "Dinesh" with forest berries
258 - 60м 8
Delicious pastries with fresh or frozen berries for the Christmas table! Does not require a lot of time and expensive ingredients.
Chicken legs in fishnet stockings
255 - - -
Pay attention to the feet, or rather on his feet. Something I harassed, tourists, and now the chicken "easy virtue." What to do? The eldest son does not eat meat, said that he will eat only if it is beautiful. And how can we be!? Meals like species on the website much, but my recipe is more for children. Although if you add spices, as my grandmother says, "and adults don't get stuck". Try it!
220 5 40м 15
Another option puffs. Simply and quickly when expecting guests, and reluctance to cook!

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