Fennel seeds

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Soup with sauerkraut and mushrooms
240 - - -
Soup - basic hot liquid dish on the Russian table for more than a Millennium. It steadily continued in different eras, though tastes changed, and never knew a social obstacle; it was used at all layers of the population. Great importance for the creation of a special, unique taste of the soup was the fact that they were prepared, and then languished (sit) in the Russian oven. Due to the accumulating at the bottom of the pan Zepter accumulates quickly and evenly heat is transferred to the food, which is prepared at low temperatures, consider stewing on the stove.
Bread for dinner "Fragrant"
215 - 120м -
For vacation planned time out in the woods, to the country?! Bake these buns. Beautiful - YES, comfortable - VERY tasty and healthy - no DOUBT. Help yourself.
Sauerkraut "Crunch-al"
198 - 5760м -
Transparent and crunchy, hence the name "CRUNCH-AL". That is the exact proportions to give such a delicious result.
Cucumbers "Always good"
174 - 40м 10
"Herring, mother, all snacks snack. ...Well, no, the cucumber is better... Scientists with the creation of the world and think nothing smarter than pickle did not come up" how can you not agree with the statement of the great classics?! Do you like strong, crisp, salty sweet — sour pickle!!!??? Yes, Yes, such work cucumber for this recipe. Highly recommended!
Svan salt
166 - - -
Svan salt — a Georgian condiment, which received its name from the area in which it is produced — Svaneti. It is sometimes called a spice, but it's wrong. Svan salt — a mixture of spices. Svaneti is a mountainous region of Georgia, and all of the herbs are part of the Svan salt, grow there. The main ingredients of this seasoning — salt and various spices. This seasoning gives the dish a unique flavor, pungent and spicy taste. It can be used for soups, sauces, fish, meat, vegetable dishes, salads. Original flavor it gives marinades, kebabs.
Svan salt
161 - - -
Again I come to you with seasoning and garlic again))) But what a wonderful seasoning it! Residents of Georgia surely know the famous Svanetian salt. I do not claim the authenticity of the recipe, especially the claim that he is kept in strict secret, and even in Georgia buy a real Svanetian salt is not easy. The recipe was found online and added my own.

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