Liver Turkey

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Salad "Great!"
187 5 - -
"Fly away" because it flies in the bellies of the guests instantly! A delicious layered salad that can be served as a snack cake, as it retains its shape and does not crumble when cutting.
Liver pate in vaccinia
168 - 30м 6
Continue to master your vecinity. Liver pate favorite snack of my family, cook often and in different recipes. It was interesting to cook the pate in vaccinia, has turned soft pate, tasty and in my opinion presentable. The scope for variations is not limited!
The liver in a pot with yoghurt
166 - - 6
Incredibly tender Turkey liver... a Lot of sauce, light sour in taste... And all thanks to the homemade yogurt made from pasteurized milk and the leaven of Orsik!!! This is a dish you need to try!!! Help yourself!!!
Barbecue-Turkey liver with peaches
159 - 60м 5
The dish is delicious! Very tender, very tasty! Will appeal to all! I seem to be in a special delight will be kids! The taste changes if the dish is hot or cold, but one thing consistently - it is always very tasty, I recommend!!!
Pastida with liver and mushrooms
150 - - -
The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in 2008 by user Alefniunia called "Pastida with liver and mushrooms" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring". Running for the start of the Internet realized with surprise that the Israeli Pastida (accent on last syllable) in Russian means not that other, as... casserole! However, the bulk of the recipes is this dish in a cake: a semi-liquid dough yogurt/mayonnaise/sour cream (choose to taste, all together) is poured on the bottom of the form, on top of any prepared filling (mainly canned fish, mushrooms, cabbage) and poured the remaining batter. Bake. But Alla (Alefniunia) we are not talking about pie in casserole. After wandering in the Internet, still fished options pasted (s) on the basis of potatoes or cottage cheese. Inspired, I did! With a few changes. A delicious casserole with predominant hepatic taste. With fresh vegetables is a sweet soul.
"Underdog" from the liver of poultry in a sauce of port wine
149 - 30м 3
As always in my menu-quick, tasty and healthy)

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