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What to cook from Jusy more

Summer pasties with djusai
2.5k 5 40м 10
Jusei - herbaceous plant, having properties of onions and garlic, is very useful, contains vitamin C. the season jusa and we love to cook different dishes from this remarkable plant. One of these dishes-pasties from djusai. I offer my version of cooking.
Korean dumplings with kimchi
362 - - -
Kimchi Wang Mandu. Many are familiar with simple (Uzbek) manti with pumpkin and meat and/or onions. Offer cooks a bit to broaden my horizons and meet manta rays (Mandu) in the Korean version
Pasties with djusai and garlic
337 3 - -
In fact, I hesitated to post this recipe, because the topic of pasties quite jaded on our website. But continuing communication with the "Cook" for quite some time, I have never seen such pasties, even though this recipe will not change for many years, our family has regarded these pasties. Guess that's Dungan kitchen because gusai also called "Dungan garlic", and it is very common in Dungan cuisine. Now, when just a season jusa and young garlic, I suggest to try the pasties with them. I'm sure my version will appeal to all lovers of pasties.
Korean salad "Funcheza"
271 3 60м 8
Spicy salad with meat.
Lagman "Nostalgia"
253 - 60м 10
The dish can be cook with any meat: lamb, beef, chicken etc. Real Laghman is a special long noodles, lamb meat and various vegetables. My recipe of lagman somewhat simplified and adapted to our European conditions and opportunities. The taste of this dish turned out rich, and the flavor is very appetizing. I recommend adding the radish margelanica to lagman you could not taste like meat hodgepodge team.
221 - 40м 6
On Your court - my first time. Dish of the Uighur cuisine is beyond words - it should be simply there, spicy, sour-sweet, feerichno (finally found the right word). Love this dish from my youth, and I hope among Chefs there are fans of this bright (and the taste and sight) of food.

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