What to cook from Pangasius more

Briquettes pangasius baked
384 5 30м 10
We sold a briquettes pangasius at a very affordable price (sliced finely cut and frozen in the form of rectangles). Experienced by my daughter and found out that they are even tastier than the fillet itself. Offer to try it!
Pangasius with ice
258 3 20м -
Maybe my recipe is not made according to the rules of cooking and someone says that you can't do that, then.... I will say that you can!!!At least this way I liked it and want to share it with others :)
Fish balls "Smiles in the Solarium" with cheese
225 4 60м -
This is one of the many variants of the fish cutlets. Crispy on top and tender, juicy flesh inside, with a hint of melted cheese. Simple and easy.
Casserole of catfish and cauliflower "Tenderness" in a slow cooker
201 - 45м 4
As the first recipe I want to introduce fish and vegetable casserole. Pangasius in perfect harmony with the vegetables, the dish is light and hearty at the same time. Help yourself! This recipe is suitable for cooking in the oven, you only need to increase the time of each stage twice.
Baked pangasius "Melting on the lips"
162 - 20м -
Melting on my lips the fish, baked in a divinely delicious onion batter...
Juicy fish with cheese and mustard crust
146 5 35м 3
We now with confidence can say that the whole family loves fish. Son, the last time, showing her the interest that can not cook it often. But this fish turned out juicy, but crispy - just pleasure. And cooked very quickly.

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