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Candy a La "Mozartkugel"
0.6k - - 40
Who does not know candy Mozartkugel? These stunning chocolates with marzipan??? I suggest you make these chocolates at home. The more that they can be eaten fasting, vegans and vegetarians. They will not leave anyone indifferent! If you want to pamper your family, this recipe is for You!
Tincture "Golden horn"
301 - - -
Bitters with a seaside flavor. Color brown with a red tint. The taste is pungent-bitter to the taste of extract of Eleutherococcus. Aroma with a touch of Schizandra berries. Attention! Siberian ginseng and Schizandra increase blood pressure, so tincture is contraindicated for people with high blood pressure!
Two tone cupcake with jam
298 - 50м 12
Dear cooks, offer to bake a wonderful cake, which connects many flavors, colors and textures test. Very tasty and a little unusual. Invited to the feast!
Cake "Queen Esther "
235 5 80м -
The cake almost without flour and fat, with a completely weightless cakes and delicious creamy lemon cream. Source of recipe Irit Chait, from the magazine "For Women" + with slight modifications Helena elaizik.
Brownies with cream cheese, white chocolate and strategem
222 5 100м -
Unusually delicious pie-cake, source kisska-Vika and renowned Israeli pastry chef Carine Goren.
Almond cake on proteins
212 - - -
Left after my Basque cake 5 protein. Sat, puzzled where to attach them, and wow!!! As if specially for me on the website "Picante Author-Culinary -Website" comes this recipe... Well, that's it))) Today baked. Very tasty, flavorful cupcake. And, most importantly, the dough is not wet, just how I like!

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