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Ear "hairy" fresh fish
222 3 - 4
Flavorful, nourishing soup of fresh fish. Important for Housewives whose husbands are addicted to fishing.
Soup of burbot
199 - 210м 12
Burbot soup, cooked this way, also called the hierarchical soup. I cook often, but with the same pleasure. This time the fish trivia I found just the brushes but put, following ancient recipes, mashed with onions burbot liver. It added flavor, so much so that the wife and mother-in-law never tired of praising. Burbot liver first settlers who came to Siberia from Central Russia, once called the way, later ingrained the name "max" (accent on the first syllable). The recipe specified the weight of burbot whole, but only the part that went in your ear, the burbot has been weighing 3.5 kg.

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