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Tart with kiwi
333 - 80м 6
The ball is nearing completion... but let me buy you another dessert. Very juicy and tart with bright kiwi! Spring apparently wants more and faster greens, so I decided to make green cake! Honestly, I thought it will be bland but no, it is very tasty, juicy! Recommend, how to cook very simply and quickly. Invite everyone to a tea party!
Cake "Malachite"
328 3 - -
Very tasty and easy to prepare cake. And the name was born so: I read my daughter the fairy tale Bazhov "malachite Box". So inspired... :-)
The Cake "The Snow Queen"
303 3 - 8
Delicate, reminiscent of a souffle.
Cake "Beige"
298 5 - -
Cake with bananas, poppy cakes and jelly. I dedicate this cake to all my teachers! Thank you for your hard work!!!! "School time". Nostalgia.....
Cake "happy birthday, Pillsbury. ru!"
281 - 120м 12
I live in North Africa. helps me a lot. Here I find the recipes for myself and for the wife who prefers only their national cuisine. I want to Express huge gratitude to the administration of the site and the cooks for their work! I made sponge fruit cake with a picture of the birthday boy. The cake is very light, the size of Your Empire will not be affected ; ) help yourself!
Cake "Emerald"
272 4 - -
Cool easy cake.

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