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What to cook from Jelly more

Cake "Beige"
0.6k 5 - -
Cake with bananas, poppy cakes and jelly. I dedicate this cake to all my teachers! Thank you for your hard work!!!! "School time". Nostalgia.....
Cake "Malachite"
0.6k 3 - -
Very tasty and easy to prepare cake. And the name was born so: I read my daughter the fairy tale Bazhov "malachite Box". So inspired... :-)
Tart with kiwi
0.5k - 80м 6
The ball is nearing completion... but let me buy you another dessert. Very juicy and tart with bright kiwi! Spring apparently wants more and faster greens, so I decided to make green cake! Honestly, I thought it will be bland but no, it is very tasty, juicy! Recommend, how to cook very simply and quickly. Invite everyone to a tea party!
Cake "Fruit of the Opera"
0.5k 5 420м 8
Want to offer your primariy very light, delicate, truly summer cake or dessert "Fruit of the Opera". Cakes are soft, surf the air, and thanks to a impregnation juicy and moist. The composition without the gluten. Optionally, the cake can be replaced by any other. Dessert moderately sweet. And the combination of strawberry with citrus notes give just the perfect combination. Despite the multiple layers of this dessert, it is prepared easily and simply. Hope you like it!!!
Salad "Counterpart"
0.5k 4 60м 2
"These eyes opposite-kaleidoscope of lights. These eyes opposite all brighter and warmer. These eyes opposite tea-colored. These eyes opposite what is it, what is it?" "Counterpart" in French is "opposite". This gentle salad for lovers, loving and beloved will be a wonderful decoration of romantic dinner "for two" together with "Scarlett March 8".
The Cake "The Snow Queen"
0.5k 3 - 8
Delicate, reminiscent of a souffle.

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