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What to cook from Tilapia more

Hot "goldfish"
215 4 60м 3
The store saw tilapia fillets and decided to cook a simple and tasty dish. It turned out just amazing!
Tilapia with grape sauce
175 5 45м 7
A great option of cooking tilapia. Nice to combine with a glass of dry white wine.
Pasties with tilapia
146 3 - 4
Juicy, tasty fish filling in a crispy tender crust. Very quick and easy version of the fish pasties.
Fish salad with caviar capelin
138 5 - -
Very tasty and unusual salad. The singularity in the calf.
Sweet and sour soup with shiitake mushrooms and fish
135 - 20м 4
Easy, but very tasty soup with Chinese motifs. I understand that not everyone has access to the ingredients, but I hope someone recipe will come in handy.
Pickle fish without potatoes
130 3.5 30м 4
Quick soup, I recently do not eat potatoes, that is cooked without it.

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