Pineapple is a large exotic fruit that belongs to the genus of herbaceous plants of the Bromeliad family. His homeland is South America. Currently, pineapple plantations are located in all countries of tropical and subtropical climate, but in the middle latitudes and even in the North they are grown in greenhouses. The pineapple genus consists of 9 species, the most common of which is the large-crested pineapple, which is quite familiar to us, but not so often eaten. To date, there are about 60 varieties of pineapple.

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Salad "777 "
2.8k 5 30м 6
Very interesting chicken salad, although the list of ingredients and say. Taken from the menu of the café. Before you met me it was one of the two most favorite salads my husband (now he has dozens of them... ), but this remains in the forefront. Easy, beautiful and delicious!
Salad "Spanish rose"
2.7k - 30м 10
I don't know why the salad is called ""Spanish rose", but I strongly suspect that because of a distant resemblance with this noble flower. But I know for sure - the salad is very tasty. A combination of chicken-pineapple-cheese can be considered a classic of the genre. And at the same time it will satisfy even those who are not a connoisseur of "sweet" meat (to this fellow I am). It turns out very tender, juicy and quick.
Salad "champagne"
2.2k - 1м -
The recipe for this salad was shared with me a friend about 2 years ago and it has become part of our family. The salad is simple to prepare, but is very gentle and, in my opinion, very tasty! When throwing with a husband "dinner" I often cook it. Try it!
Salad "Lambada"
2.2k 3 30м 6
A wonderful combination of mushrooms, chicken and canned pineapple.
Salad "over the rainbow"
1.8k - 40м 8
Very tasty, colourful and unusual salad on the holiday table
Salad "Breeze"
1.7k - - -
This recipe was posted on the website in 2008 by user aset called salad "Breeze" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring"

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