What to cook from Mackerel more

Dried fish in a electric dryer
1.6k - - -
A relatively quick method of cooking dried fish. Fans of beer and fish.
Mackerel "goldfish"
1.6k - - -
I'm not a big fan of fish, but this fish led me to a complete delight! I'm a little language is not swallowed, and the second half with great pleasure enjoyed "goldfish". The details of the recipe below won't regret it! The contest "give me tonight".
The bug of mackerel
1.5k - 1500м 6
Fillet of salted mackerel with spices, rolled in a special way and frozen.
Dinner at the cottage
1.4k 5 - -
Simple and delicious.
Salad with smoked mackerel
1k 4.5 30м 6
Simple salad with smoked mackerel and potatoes.
Grilled mackerel "Spicy"
0.8k - 45м 4
Mackerel this fish, or love, or do not like the taste at all. I am one of those who loves mackerel. The taste of this fish is so self-sufficient that it is slightly to emphasize a small addition. And this recipe is proof. Taste?

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