What to cook from Honeysuckle more

Cheesecake with honeysuckle
0.6k - 80м 12
This year at the cottage with my mother-in-law great harvest honeysuckle. Decided to make a cheesecake with it. The recipe is simple, based on the classic "new York", but the honeysuckle gave him a completely different sweet-sour spicy touch.
Biscuits with honeysuckle
274 - 60м -
Honeysuckle - berry is very useful, but its not enough where to apply because of its taste. But here's a cookie, very tasty it turns out that with the honeysuckle. This cookie is as if specially created for the berries (or honeysuckle just for this cookie kept pace... ).
Glaze honeysuckle
193 - 10м 15
Found on the Internet this frosting. Share the recipe with you! Author Themestock thank you so much for the recipe!
Morse of honeysuckle and strawberries
174 - - -
The summer passed, and the joy of hunting vitamin! I offer you a fruit drink. It is made from frozen berries (not purchased!).
German Apple pie
170 3 60м 12
Apples to it not too large to look impressive on the surface. But preferably aromatic
Caprifoliaceae tart
167 - - -
Very tender and tasty! Berry can be any, honeysuckle was perfect - beautiful color and nice acidity! Help yourself!

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