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What to cook from Mullet more

Mullet baked with rosemary and wine
137 5 - -
Tender white fish, fragrant.
Mullet Montana
135 4 60м -
- "Montana"!!!!! - "Trump Montana"!!!!! Anecdote (Yuri Nikulin)
Mullet baked with vegetables
128 - 40м -
Somehow I got the idea to make the interpretation of my mother's recipe. And it turned out so tasty that now we're cookin ' is the only way.
Mullet in cream sauce
126 - 30м 3
Really love this fish. Delicious, almost no bones.
Fried fish with potato Cossack
126 - 40м 4
This dish in our family passed down from generation to generation! My grandfather and grandmother from the Cossack village of Azov district of Rostov region. There is always fish in high esteem! This recipe on all the Internet I have not found! Fish and potatoes to be tender and juicy! My three men (husband and two sons) always finish clean dishes)))
Mullet, baked with lemon and parsley
115 4.5 60м -
Today we have a "fish day". Long chose, what kind of fish to buy, I chose the mullet. Cook it for the first time, never bought.

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